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How does the lead wire of the motor stator relate to the frame

Issuing time:2019-05-08 15:47

The lead wire of the motor stator is connected with the winding line, and it is concluded that the external connection of the stator is an important part of the lead wire. The diameter and insulation structure of the lead wire should match the functional requirements of the motor.

From the perspective of cost control, the length of the lead should be as short as possible, according to this idea, most of the outlet of the frame will be planned at one end of the frame, so as to reduce the use of lead, especially for large standard products, the amount of lead will have a great impact;But, about small standard products or other useful motor, given all the devices and beautiful effect, will stand outlet hole plan in the middle of the stand axial location, so you will need to add a lot of the length of the wire, but also relates to a problem is the problem of lead in the derivation process of fixed, if lead is in a state of freedom in the process of derivation, may in the process of motor running because oscillation, stand burr problem result in wire breakage and happen to ground fault.Therefore, the lead out, frame planning, lead out process control, is really a big problem is necessary to deal with.

The main function of silicone rubber

The silicon rubber leads are widely used in motors. Ms. Participants will briefly summarize the main functions of silicon rubber. The silicon rubber leads make full use of the characteristics of silicon rubber.

High temperature function.Silicone rubber is characterized by high temperature stability obviously, although the room temperature strength of silicone rubber is only half of the natural rubber or synthetic rubber, but under the environment of the high temperature of 200 ℃ above, silicone rubber can still maintain must hardness, flexibility, resilience and appearance and mechanics function has no obvious change.

Low temperature function.Glass transition temperature of silicone rubber is commonly - 70 ~ - 50 ℃, specially formulated to - 100 ℃, indicating its function is excellent in low temperature.This is of great significance to the aerospace industry.

Weather resistance.Si-O-Si bond in silicon rubber is very stable to oxygen, ozone and ultraviolet ray, etc.

Electrical function.Silicone rubber has excellent insulation function, corona resistance and arc resistance is also very good.

Physical and mechanical functions.Physical and mechanical features of the silicone rubber room temperature than general rubber is poor, but, the high temperature of 150 ℃ to 50 ℃ low temperature, its physical and mechanical function is better than that of general rubber.

Oil and chemical resistance.Ordinary silicone rubber has moderate oil and solvent resistance.

Gas transmission function.At room temperature, the permeability of silicone rubber to air, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases is 30-50 times higher than that of natural rubber.

Physical languor.Silicone rubber is non-toxic, odorless, odorless, and human body tissue is not adhesion, has the effect of anticoagulation, response to the body tissue is very little.Especially suitable for medical materials.

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