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What caused the motor to catch fire

Issuing time:2019-02-27 15:36

A motor is an electrical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.Y2 three-phase asynchronous motor manufacturers to us to analyze the cause of motor fire has several?

1. Motor overload.Motor long-term overload operation, dragging the mechanical load is too large and mechanical stuck so that the motor stopped overcurrent, causing the stator winding overheating and fire.

2. Motor short circuit fault.Motor stator windings occur interphase, interturn short circuit or ground insulation breakdown, causing insulation combustion fire.

3. The power supply voltage is too low or too high.When the motor is started, if the power supply voltage is too low, the motor torque will be small, making the motor start for a long time or not start, causing the motor stator current to increase, winding overheating and fire;In the running motor, if the power supply voltage is too low, the motor torque becomes small and the mechanical load remains unchanged, it will cause overcurrent of the stator and overheat the windings and cause fire.If the power supply voltage drops significantly, the running motor will stop running and burn down;If the power supply voltage is too high, the magnetic circuit is full and the excitation current rises sharply, making the iron core generate severe heat and causing motor fire.

4. When the motor is started for a long time or several times in a short time, the temperature of the stator winding rises sharply, causing the winding to overheat and fire.

5. The motor inhales fiber and dust and blocks the air passage, and the heat cannot be discharged, or the rotor is in conflict with the stator, causing the winding temperature to rise and fire.

6. Motor phase failure operation.In the operation of the motor, a phase break line or a phase fuse is fused, resulting in a phase loss operation (that is, a two-phase operation), causing overload of the stator windings, heating and fire.

7. Motor bearing lubricants are short of or dirty, which may damage the bearing, jam the rotor, increase the stator current, and make the stator windings overheat and catch fire.

8. If the touch resistance of wiring terminal is too high, high temperature will occur; or if the connection is loose, spark will occur.

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