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Whether the motor is suitable for the use of water-based paint

Issuing time:2019-04-11 15:33

Water-based paint is a new kind of environment-friendly paint for environmental protection and personal safety. What can not be avoided is that it is not suitable for use in industrial fields such as motor. However, water-based paint is one of the necessary materials for motor manufacturers.

"What's the use of all this extra equipment around here?

It looks like it's been added."Ms. Visited a large equipment of an enterprise that was sprayed with exterior paint, and saw the traces of surrounding impressionable splicing. She felt puzzled and asked the factory narrator who accompanied the visit."Additional equipment added for environmental upgrades!The factory has upgraded all the painting equipment.If went up, the water based paint assembly line, the working condition of operator and the environmental protection level of the factory will go up a step again."The narrator explained.

"Water-based paint!What a familiar word.what a fancy paint for home decoration! I never expected to enter the factory so soon.It seems that the industrial use of water-based paint instead of oil paint is not just argument, the strength of the manufacturers have been in the implementation of the brewing.

What advantage does water - based paint have after all?

Environmental protection and better use of resources.Water-based paint with water as the solvent, can save a lot of resources;Fire hazard is reduced during construction and air pollution is reduced.Waterborne paint only selects a few organic solvents with low toxicity alcohol and ether, thus effectively improving the painting environment.

The applicability of the coating is strong.Water-based coatings can be applied directly in wet surface and wet environment.Good adaptability to the appearance of raw materials, coating adhesion.

Painting tools are relatively easy to clean.Spray tools can be used to clean water, greatly reducing the cost of cleaning solvents, but also reduce the human body and environmental pollution.

Optional electrophoretic coating.After electrophoretic coating, the film has good flattening property.Inner cavity, welding seam, edges and corners, edge parts can be coated with a certain thickness of film, a good protection;Electrophoretic coating has the best corrosion resistance, thick film cathodic electrophoretic coating salt spray resistance up to 1200h.

What is electrophoretic coating?

Electro-coating is a coating method in which particles such as pigments and resins suspended in an electrophoresis solution are oriented and deposited on the substrate surface of one of the electrodes by means of an applied electric field.The principle of electrophoretic coating was invented in the late 1930s, but the development of this skill and industrial use was achieved after 1963. Electrophoretic coating is a special coating film formation method developed in the past 30 years, which is the most practical construction process for water-based coating.With the characteristics of water-soluble, non-toxic and easy to control automatically, it is quickly used in automobile, building materials, hardware, home appliances and other professions.

Characteristics of water paint and precautions for use

Water-based paint is literally water-soluble and has water solubility. It is necessary to take corresponding measures according to this characteristic when using it.

High requirements for cleanliness.Because the external tension of water is large, the dirt is easy to make the film shrink, so the water-based coating on the construction process and raw material appearance cleanliness requirements.

High requirement for transportation pipeline.Required delivery pipe shape outstanding, pipe wall without defects.Due to the strong mechanical effect of water-based coatings on the lack of stability, when the flow rate changes rapidly, lax particles are easy to be compressed into solid particles, so that the coating film pitting.Equipment cost is high.Water-based paint coating equipment corrosive, need to choose anti-corrosion lining or stainless steel data;Waterborne coating on the delivery pipeline corrosion, there will be metal dissolution, so that lax particles precipitation, coating pitting, and therefore also need to choose stainless steel tube.Drying process is messy.Baking water-based paint has strict requirements for construction environmental conditions, and the temperature and humidity control equipment is added, which also increases energy consumption.In relation to paints in oil paints, the baking energy of water is costly.

Poor water resistance of water paint.Generally, the water-based coating medium is slightly alkaline, which affects the stability and coating function of the coating.

Electrical conductivity.Are no more than 0.1 M Ω, the resistance of the water-based paint and solvent lacquer has surely resistance is 0.5 ~ 20 M Ω.Water-based paint should not be used for special occasions.

Corrosion resistance.Water-based paint contains a large amount of water, so it is corrosive to containers, delivery pipes, paint chamber and other parts easily affected by moisture.

Rheological behavior.""Rheologicalbehaviour;"The explanation of "rheological behavior" in academic literature is that the deformation behavior of polymer in this viscous flow state is called rheological behavior.

Use of water-based paint key skills

Lack of attention.Water-based paint due to polymer slack system, pigment slack relatively poor, should take measures to improve.Many waterborne paint manufacturers have dealt with the problem.

The stability of slack particles is not good.Huanhuan particles will be damaged by shear force, it should be considered in the process of manufacturing, transporting water paint to avoid the effect of shear force.

Sensitivity of slack particles to acid.Paint mixed with acidic substances will form acid particles, and then occur gel damage to the water paint.There are water-based paint in the process of transport in the cold freezing lax particles will be damaged.

External tension.The exterior tension of water-based paint is large, so management should be strengthened in the construction process. Otherwise, the following disadvantages and drawbacks of paint film are likely to occur during painting :(1) sagging;(2) poor flattening;(3) shrinkage hole and pinhole occur;(4) it is not easy to enter the small seam of the coated surface;(5) dryness is difficult and greatly affected by ambient temperature and humidity.

Trends in the use of water-based paint in the motor category

Water-based paint is due to the environmental protection and safety of a new type of environmental protection coating, not escape its category and some not suitable for use in motor industry, but the water paint is motor manufacturing enterprise is necessary to choose one of the data, but how can you make it the fastest the best widely used, is water-based paint manufacturers are faced with the problem is necessary, whether the motor appearance impregnating varnish, lacquer is winding to adapt themselves to the spraying process, drying process is motor manufacturing enterprise is necessary to face the reality of the problem.50% of the total amount of solvent in solvent-based paints evaporates during the spray atomization process, while only 25% of water-based paints.The water evaporation is slow in the coating process, which makes the coating efficiency worse.Therefore, it is necessary to set up a central heating area to remove water from the water-based primer coating.

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